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I have shared very little regarding my actual work here in Rennes, but I came across these videos, in French, that were recorded in the 2009 Science Fair of Rennes which explain in depth what EnTiMid is. EnTiMid is the system that I have been working on and building the social media bundles for. I […]

Weekend in Dublin, Ireland

Posted: 27th July 2010 by Luciano Araujo in Photography, Summer 2010 in France, Travel

Nearly 15 years later I returned to Dublin, Ireland for a weekend trip. Dublin was not one of the places I wanted to visit during my stay here in France, but I happened to jump on this trip as a guest and the plans were already made and the arrangements were very inexpensive. I purchased […]

One Eventfull Night in Nantes, France

Posted: 8th July 2010 by Luciano Araujo in Summer 2010 in France, Travel

We booked some real cheap tickets to Dublin, Ireland leaving from Nantes, France which is about 1 hour by car south of Rennes. Since our flight was scheduled for early Saturday, the plan was to spend Friday night and Nantes and get to know the city a bit. The adventure began when we decided to […]

Se Fini le Star de Nuit

Posted: 8th July 2010 by Luciano Araujo in Summer 2010 in France

There is a bus service called “Star de Nuit” which runs from Thrusday through Sunday twice an hour all night long which enables us from the campus to get back home with ease. Unfortunately the city of Rennes interrupts this service from mid July through the end of August due to school vacation. So, starting […]

Fête de la Musique

Posted: 5th July 2010 by Luciano Araujo in Music, Photography, Summer 2010 in France, Travel

On Monday, June 21st, was the Fête de la Musique (Festival of the Music) here in France and Rennes for being a vibrant college town has the reputation for having pretty nice activities around the city. Indeed the entire town was taken over by music, food, and plenty of alcohol! There were about 5 official […]