Pollo Tropical Coupon Code Generator

Posted: 22nd September 2010 by Luciano Araujo in Software Development

Pollo Tropical, a fast food chain that serves Latin food like chicken, rice, beans, plantains, etc. has been doing a “rate us” campaign and offering a FREE 1/4 Chicken rice and beans with any purchase of equal or greater value after completing a phone or online survey. This translates into getting 2 meals for about $4. :)

After doing the survey a few times and getting our FREE meal, we noticed that there is no validation system on the coupon code. So to save us the trouble of doing the 5 minute survey every time, we decided to analyze how the code gets generated and “crack the code” or discover the algorithm used to generate the code based on the receipt number. Working with 3 real samples we came up with the following mapping:

The receipt ID is composed of 20 numbers

If we index the numbers of the receipt ID [1 based] and do a matrix style mapping to the coupon code, the result will be the following :


Where MM is the two digit Month of when the survey was taken and DD is the two digit day of when the survey was taken. Following the example in the image above, the coupon code would be:


Fairly easy huh! Now to make it even more convenient we put together a script that generates the coupon code from the receipt ID. You can find the script here. For added convenience we use the date as the issue date of the receipt just in case you have an old receipt laying around.

Try it out and let us know if you encounter any issues!

  1. Maria Machin says:

    Great food at unmatcheable prices!

  2. Maria Machin says:

    Fantastic bargain for eating!

  3. Maria Machin says:

    Love to visit often because of service and good food.

  4. Natalee says:

    They changed their receipts and now the code consists of 22-23 numbers. Any chance for a new script? Thanks!

  5. Liz says:

    POllo Tropical Coupon generator not working. It says that “The ID needs to be exactly 10 digits.”

  6. Ivan says:

    Pollo has since changed the system and this doesn’t work anymore.

  7. martha says:

    your pollo is the best

  8. GIDE says:

    The code generator doesn’t work any more, I.D. used to be 20 digits long but now it is 23… Hope you can fix the script :-)

  9. Adriana says:

    The survey takes 2-3 minutes. If you’re too lazy to click on a few things to save $4, then you don’t deserve the free meal in the first place. FYI, their survey generator limits your computer to taking one survey every seven days, but you can do more. Just enter a different e-mail each time and they will send a validation code. So, pick up any receipts that people leave on the counter at Pollo Tropical restaurants and use junk e-mail accounts to take more than one survey. Right now I have a total of 20 receipts with coupon codes for them all. :)

  10. Aylin Lopez says:

    Pollo tropical is my favorite meal

  11. marcos rodriguez says:

    i love pollo tropical alot,food is great allways nice and clean..service is good..

  12. marcos says:

    hi! the food In pollo tropical is really good i enjoy eating there atleast ones a week for my lunch time.

  13. marcos says:

    great food

  14. Ron Schilling says:

    Just tried for the first time and loved it.

  15. Ron Schilling says:

    Loved it and will be going back for more!

  16. enrique subirats says:

    i lke pollo tropical

  17. Earth angel says:

    Very good

  18. Marchella Peart says:

    Great service at unbeatable price.

  19. r.novak says:

    enjoyed going to pollo tropical today..A delightful experence I know we’ll be back real soon.

  20. Nakia miller says:

    Good food and healthy choices

  21. Marcia Baker says:

    The food is great.

  22. the food at pollotropical is great.

  23. I will always go there to eat.