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Evian Art of Rock Live Young in 2011

Posted: 29th January 2011 by Luciano Araujo in Funny Stuff, Music, Videos

I went to a promotional event by Evian in the Wynwood district in Miami and they were recording these cool little videos… Click on the image below to watch mine! Some photos from the event:

Though I am an Android advocate and supporter, this clip from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart is great! For a better viewing experience press the “full screen” button on the lower right corner of the video menu. The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c The Daily Show on Facebook

Cheap Helmet Mounted Cam

Posted: 12th January 2011 by Luciano Araujo in Funny Stuff

I was talking to my co-workers about purchasing a helmet mounted camera so I can record myself snowboarding and riding my bike. One of them, Rudy Puig took his photoshop skills and put this “cheap” one together. What do you think?